ProPole™ mooring poles.
50+ years of hassle-free mooring!

Forget wooden mooring piles that rot, get attacked by shipworms and wear out quickly, costing you a great deal of money every time you need to replace them.

Discover ProPole™ from Alvenius PortLine instead; a new, surface-coated steel mooring pile that will last for 50 years or more. Crunch the numbers and you’ll see that your total investment and maintenance costs will be next to nothing.

The market’s most effective surface coating.

ProPoles are treated with the market’s most effective surface coating – CORROFLO™ – both inside and out.

This coating is both long-lasting and environmentally-friendly. It also meets the ISO standard for C5-M marine environments (ISO 12944), one of the market’s strictest corrosion classification.

ProPoles’ outer layer is RocShield® – a 500-micrometre-thick LDPE layer on top of the CORROFLO™ coating – for maximum resistance to damage and wear.

Adaptor for shallow-water installation.

ProPoles can be ordered with a special adaptor for installation in shallow waters or on rocky bottoms.

The adaptor ensures you get the same total surface area in contact with the sediment as when you install ProPoles in prime conditions, giving you a rock-solid hold.

A range of attractive colours. Ready to install.

ProPoles come in a range of attractive colours (subject to a minimum order) and have ring fixtures for fastening mooring lines and equipment.

In the future, ProPoles’ top protectors will also come in a range of designs, including covers with built-in, solar-powered lamps.


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ProPole™ is manufactured by AB Alvenius Industries.

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